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Whatever the size of your network, be it a corporate wide area network or a small cluster of PC's, OnCallComputerDoctor can provide a complete range of network consultancy, installation, maintenance and networking support. OnCallComputerDoctor has been successfully delivering tailored networking services to businesses for quite a few years.
  • Through a combination of qualified and accredited networking staff, leading edge network analysis tools and up-to-date technology, our network engineers can provide our customers with a network that will protect their investment and delivery of new applications for many years to come.
  • Just because your PC's or network hardware is not up to date, it doesn't mean that you have to buy new equipment. Often simple and inexpensive upgrades can improve system performance at a fraction of the cost of buying a new PC or replacing your workstations. If you or any of your workers are always complaining about the speed of their PCs or are frustrated when they want to do some work just because it takes ages, then it time to think again. You certainly don't want your business to suffer as a result of a slow and often problematic network. It will certainly be more expensive to continue to ignore the need for an upgrade in your IT network or your computer because you lose a lot of time as a result of employees working less efficiently and often feeling frustrated. A slow and non-maintained network will certainly cause your business to lose money! Time is money, is it not? Or you just may need greater capacity in your existing IT network because your business has grown and needs a new outfit? Or perhaps you want to run a project and you need a quick fix for members of the project team. Our IT consultants and qualified technicians can always help!


  • Your server or workstation hard disks are too small and you need more space?
  • Your server or workstation processor is too slow?
  • Your server or workstation memory is too small?
  • Your server or workstations too slow and it takes ages to do something which is supposed to be quick?
  • Your computers crash quite often just at exactly the wrong time?
  • Maybe you need a new backup or storage solution?
  • You are about to run a new project?
  • Your company has outgrown its existing IT infrastructure?

We can fit a variety of upgrades to your computer or network to enhance performance. These include more memory, larger hard drives, secondary media drives, better graphic cards, better sound cards and faster CPU's. We are also able to repair or reinstall operating systems, re-configure your network, identify and remove bottlenecks, replace missing or corrupt drivers, dll's or tune up the network making sure that you have all the latest security patches, hot fixes, service packs and latest virus definitions installed. We will carry out a full health check on your computer or network and make improvements where possible. Also we will make recommendations when additions or upgrades such as a new hard drive, more memory or a better back-up system is required. Furthermore we will tweak the current installed software on your computer network for maximum efficiency and speed.


Custom built PCs and workstations

We can supply anything from a budget system, suitable for business or home use, right up to a high performance file server, domain controller, mail server or a backup server. Building your own computer has its many advantages. The main advantages is you get a pc tailored to your needs, just like your suit fits you, For example if you or your company is working in the music industry or graphic design or engineering, you may need to build a PC tailored to your specific needs. This is where none of the big PC manufacturers are of any help! You are just tied to their specific design and specifications with much less choice in what you want to achieve with your new computer system. It can even work out cheaper to build a PC or a server than if you were to buy a PC from a manufacturer such as Dell or PC world. Just tell us about your business or work objectives and a ceiling in the budget you can afford, and we will offer you the best in quality and compatibility with your needs within that price range. However, if you are not sure about what you may need and your future requirements, our IT consultants will certainly be able to help you decide what is best for your needs. We are just a phone call away and always we will be able to meet you at the convenience of your premises at a time of your choice. Remember that consultancy to identify your specific IT needs is FREE after using our services even once. This will save hundreds and possibly thousands of pounds of consultancy fees and feasibility studies... Our IT consultants will always be at your disposal to advise you what is best for you and will make sure you get the best value for money when making purchasing decisions as long as you use our computer services. We offer a variety of computer services for small and medium-sized businesses in London such as network design, network setup, network management, network maintenance, network administration, on-site and remote network administration as well as computer repairs and upgrades. Our team of certified engineers have a sound level of expertise in dealing with and configuring all IT and network equipment including routers, switches, firewalls, wireless access points, wireless networks, wi-fi, wide area networks (WANs), media controllers and media centres. Our 14 years experience in various fields of IT will guarantee that our technicians offer you a first class service which we believe you will find hard to find elsewhere.

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