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  • We upgrade PCs including replacement of old small hard drives with new large capacity drives. Where possible, we will transfer all your existing data to the new drive. We can also install additional memory, DVD upgrades, graphic cards, TV cards etc.  TO REQUEST AN UPGRADE, CLICK HERE. To learn more, read on.

System upgradeability made simple and cost-effective...

We do not recommend the upgrade of any 486 or 386 class PC computer. The cost to upgrade these old PC's (pre '95) could easily exceed the value of the computer itself. In such cases we strongly recommend building a new system using as many components of your old computer as we can. Please NOTE that in order to make an upgrade cost-effective, we replace your old box with a NEW  box containing a new system board,  new processor, a new large capacity hard disk, at least 128 MB memory plus any additional features you would like us to add such as a DVD drive, CD RWritable or a high resolution 3D graphics card. However, we will use your existing components such as CD ROM drive, Floppy Drive, modem, graphic card where possible. In this way, your upgrade will be extremely cost-effective compared to buying a brand new system from a High Street vendor, which might cost you twice and in some case three times more than price you pay for an upgrade. TO REQUEST AN UPGRADE, CLICK HERE.

Why do you need computer upgrades?

Oddly enough, 3D games are the driving force behind why people are having to upgrade their existing computers, or even chuck them for a new system. A less known factor however is also pushing people to want to upgrade is the the internet. Have you tried visiting a Flash-intensive site on a 120mhz Pentium? It doesn't quite work right. Unfortunately Flash, Shockwave, Java and even Quicktime and Windows Media files, all rely on your processor speed and memory resources to function at a decent level. However you don't need a gamer's system to view conventional web content properly.

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